Kri8 Lounge

by Kri8 Editorial Board

We serve from our best recipes of Delicious Things

About Kri8 Lounge

Kri8 Lounge is your go-to destination-bar and Eatery with a whole new brasserie experience. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthday celebrations, parties, space rentals, or just drinks and lite-bites, Kri8 Lounge is always open to the public.

Our staff are committed to our mission to shake up the mundane meal time options by providing a variety of freshly prepared, timely served, delicious food to every customer every time. We look forward to serving you from our best recipe of “Delicious Things”.

Everything we serve here tastes great! Our special assorted fried rice and chicken are the bomb and something to die for. Don’t miss out on this amazing cuisine.


Catering Services

We cater for events, parties and events off all kinds. Call us today and have a taste of any of our Local and continental dishes today.


Delight yourself with our exotic and local liquid courage. There is never a dull moment at the Kri8 lounge bar.

Space Rentals

Need a cheap place to host your events, don’t worry we’ve got your sorted. And guess what? You don’t even need to thing about catering.