Kri8 Events

The entertainment and creative space has never felt this closer

About Kri8 Events

We provide event production/management, relative marketing and PR for a wide range of occasions including festivals, concerts, dinners, awards ceremonies, fashion shows, product launches, exhibitions, sport events, parties, corporate events, weddings, conferences etc. With a great eye for detail, we are able to help you bring your ideas into the entertainment and creative space through conceptualization, planning, organization and finally execution. Our team are very agile and unique in their creative processes.

The team here at Kri8 Event are always spawning big ideas and concepts to meet any client specifications. We aim to create ideas that solve business problems whiles reaching your target audience. We understand the importance of turn-outs, pre and post evaluation of planned events so as to help our clients better understand metrics that can adversely shape and affect their brand.

We have successfully executed a few well-known programs since our establishment as sub-company of Kri8 concept. Constantly working around the clock and deadlines, we always deliver on time and we do this strategically.



We analysis and iteratively work on your ideas. We are always client-centered.


Allow us to help you convert your business ideas to plausible solutions.


We finally make your ideas a reality whiles touching on every key aspect of your business idea.